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HIM Professionals Prepare for New Roles in Privacy and Security

According to a recent Proteus report,  2017 is set to exceed last year’s trend of one health data breach per day: “From January to June 2017, a total of 233 breach incidents were reported to HHS, the media or state attorneys general….For the 193 incidents for which we had numbers, 3,159,236 patient records were affected.”

What do these alarming numbers mean for HIM recruitment and staffing? How will HIM professionals prepare for new roles in privacy and security? As health data breaches continue to plague the healthcare industry, HIM will play an increasingly vital role in preventing unauthorized access to patient data and achieving regulatory compliance. HIM professionals understand the principles required to implement appropriate policies and practices to keep patient health information secure.

AHIMA Privacy and Security Institute

In celebration of the Privacy and Security Institute’s 11th anniversary, AHIMA’s Convention and Exhibit, October 7‒11, 2017, will offer a two-day event featuring speakers on significant topics—complexity of legal and regulatory disparities, impact of breaches, need for consumer education and engagement, importance of information governance and more. Focused on HIM expertise and leadership, the following objectives will guide preparation for new roles and responsibilities:

  • Advance unique skill set to lead your organization with effective privacy and security management of health information
  • Understand key points for evolving practices for optimal compliance in a continually changing environment
  • Strengthen and learn proven management approaches to privacy and security trends, issues and practices
  • Gain practical insights for alternative operational processes, methods and solutions
  • Network among the experts in the industry to discuss and learn best practices

Privacy and Security Training with CHPS Exam Prep Workshop

In today’s constantly changing regulatory environment besieged by threat of breach, achieving a privacy and security credential is essential. AHIMA’s Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security (CHPS) credential validates skills and competency in the management of privacy, security and confidentiality practices.

To help prepare for the exam, AHIMA’s CHPS Exam Prep Workshop, December 7‒8 in Orlando, Florida, will provide a focused review of privacy and security rules along with in-depth coverage of the four sections of the exam. Attendees will share best practices and acquire tools to develop, manage and administer a plan to protect patient information. You’ll also receive a take-home sample test to help you study and identify areas for improvement. If the CHPS credential is a top priority for your career path, consider this opportunity to boost your success.

Evolving Roles Abound

As our profession prepares to pursue new positions, job seekers and recruiters must be well informed about emerging opportunities. AHIMA’s career map shows various paths that encompass privacy and security roles and responsibilities. The map provides links to detailed descriptions and qualifications for various positions including Privacy Officer and Security Officer.

Privacy Officer

HIPAA requires that every healthcare organization designate a privacy official. The Privacy Officer is responsible for the organization’s privacy program including development, implementation and maintenance of policies and procedures, monitoring program compliance and ensuring patients’ rights in compliance with federal and state laws.

Security Officer

The Security Officer directs all ongoing activities related to the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the patient, provider, employee and business information in compliance with the organization’s information security policies and procedures. Responsibilities include performance of enterprise-wide training, information security risk assessments, internal audits for information security processes; monitoring technological advancements and changes in legislation and accreditation standards that affect information security…and much more.

Protection of patient information has never been more challenging. In addition to these two core positions, the map shows related jobs such as Director of Risk Management, Compliance Auditor, Vice President of Security and Chief Compliance Officer—and the path to achieving each one.

HIM Expertise Meets Demands for New Programs

 The success of effective privacy and security programs depends on HIM knowledge of laws and regulations that advance proper governance and management of healthcare data. HIM professionals have the unique skills, education, experience and commitment required to lead the development of privacy, security and confidentiality practices.

Amid the ongoing healthcare debate, the threat of cyberattacks, the push for value-based care and other pressing issues, HIM leaders can become catalysts for change. In this time of uncertainty, are you up for the challenge?

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