Recruitment and Staffing Professionals in Birmingham, AL

Our experienced team of recruitment and staffing professionals in Birmingham, AL, help healthcare organizations find the best talent for non-clinical and clinical jobs nationwide. At HIM Connections, we provide the help you need to find the right candidates to fill empty positions in your hospital or clinic. Our experienced team knows what to look for when screening potential new hires for your company. By trusting us to take care of your recruitment needs, you know that you will be receiving the best applicants that have the skills needed to fill the empty roles at your organization. Reach out to our office to learn more about our healthcare staffing services, or to discuss your recruitment needs.

Recruitment Professionals

HIM Connections is results-driven, and people focused. Our team is comprised of healthcare and staffing experts who understand the industry and offer fully-vetted candidates with guaranteed results. By letting our team handle your recruitment needs, your organization can save time and money on hiring new staff. We work closely with you to fully understand the needs of your organization so that we can better find the right candidates to fill out your non-clinical and clinical roles. Our recruitment team will then scour through potential applicants to find the best fit that will lead to successful placements and long-term careers.


Staffing Experts

We will quickly locate experienced professionals to fill client staffing needs on a short-term and long-term basis. By taking advantage of our contract staffing solutions, you are easily able to fulfill the temporary employment needs of your organization. Whether you need a short-term doctor or need to replace a member of your administrative staff, our healthcare recruitment services will find the right candidates for the job. Contact us to learn more about our healthcare recruiting services. Located in Birmingham, AL, we serve our clients nationwide.


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