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HIM job candidates—3 red flags

A bad hire causes…

If you’ve ever been left wondering how you missed signs of a bad hire during the interview process, here are 3 red flags to look out for when recruiting HIM job candidates:

1. Speaks negatively about a former company or boss

Most people have worked for a difficult boss or employer at some point in their career. Pay attention to how they handled a tough situation. If a job candidate does a lot of blaming or finger pointing, consider it a red flag. Complaining about the previous employer usually indicates a readiness to blame others and a failure to accept responsibility.

2. Lacks knowledge of your company

If a job candidate hasn’t prepared any questions or has any general knowledge about your company, it’s worth questioning what their motivations are for applying to the job. Are they interested in working for your company or do they just want a job?

3. Doesn’t listen

Seems like a no brainer. But determining if a candidate is a good communicator is always a tricky thing to gauge during an interview. A person who fails to listen properly to what you say can be a major deal breaker. Remember to focus on when people listen as well as how they respond to your questions. Pay attention to an interviewee who wants to hear themselves talk more than they want to listen and learn. It could be an indication of how they will listen and work with the rest of your staff.

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