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3 Tips for Healthcare Recruitment Marketing

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen the development of a widespread workforce shortage. While the lack of nurses and physicians is not new, the industry does face new challenges. The number of people without health insurance has spiked, leading to a jump in the number of people making hospital visits. This issue coupled with medical needs of the aging baby boomer population could spell problems for hospitals if staffing shortages are not addressed in the near future. 

Further, competition for top-performing clinicians is higher than ever—so much so that demand for physicians has exceeded the supply. In this job market, healthcare organizations must practice recruitment marketing aimed at catching the interest of the most talented individuals. 

This blog covers three key elements of recruitment marketing, tailored for the healthcare industry. For hospitals looking to hire, the following guidelines can boost opportunities to offer the best positions to candidates.

1. Competitive Compensation

Employers who sign the biggest check typically sign the best talent. That’s the hard truth of every industry. Unfortunately for hospitals with a tighter budget, the inability to match a competitor’s pay often results in the loss of prospective hires to competition. To increase competitiveness in the job market, hospitals without the means to match competing organizations’ pay need to advertise their non-monetary benefits. Opportunities for career growth, work schedule flexibility, savings plans, unique work environment and educational opportunities are benefits that could win over a candidate from a higher paying offer.

2. Simple Screening System

In this day and age, people want instant gratification in all aspects of their lives, including the job search. With healthcare workers in high demand, candidates are often considering multiple job opportunities at the same time.  Organizations with a long, drawn out hiring process can experience a high number of applicant drop-offs, missing out on qualified candidates.  At HIM Connections, we work closely with our clients to keep candidates informed of where things are in the interview process to help avoid this from happening. We also assist with employment screenings, license verification and other onboarding requirements when needed.  If you are not working with a recruiting partner you might consider implementing a tracking system or similar technology for a more streamlined solution for your organization.  

3. Candidate Relationship Management

Forming and maintaining relationships with candidates, even those who aren’t eventually hired, is essential. Potential employers should establish this relationship early in the hiring process to convey their brand image to potential hires. An organization’s brand image may provide an edge over the competition. Even if a candidate declines a job offer after making it through the hiring process, sustaining the relationship is important. Former hiring candidates can often provide leads to equally qualified individuals seeking employment, adding to a hospital’s job candidate pipeline. 

Staying current on shifting job trends, respecting generational divides and matching applicants based on company culture are just a few ways to maintain positive relationships with job candidates. Hiring managers are facing a new paradigm, and must use each resource at their disposal to the fullest. HIM Connections works closely with clients to not only gain an understanding of the job requirements, but also the company culture, because we know this is often just as important as experience.  

While it is important for hospitals to effectively market for recruitment and hire new staff in today’s competitive market, being meticulous in the selection of candidates is critical. Lowering hiring standards to fill vacant positions poses a threat to healthcare providers, as subpar clinicians can cause quality of patient care to plummet and bring revenue loss via the cost of re-hiring. 

Use these tips to help your organization recruit the most potential and best hires possible.

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